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Other name(s): Cherry Magic! 30 Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard!
Category: Drama 2020
Genre(s): Comedy
Release: 2020
Runtime: 24Min's
Main Language: Japanese Subtitle Language: English
Episode(s): 12
Country: JP
Cast: Eiji Akaso,Keita Machida,Kodai Asaka,Yutaro,Takuya Kusakawa,Ryo Sato,Suzunosuke
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Summary / Flat / Story

Kiyoshi Adachi is a 30-year old office worker who gains the ability to read the minds of anyone they touch acquired simply by maintaining his virginity for 30 years. Confused by his newfound power he accidentally touches his co-worker Yichi Kurosawa who also happens to be the most attractive guy and the best salesman in the company. This brief contact already reveals to Adachi that Kurosawa is madly in love with him an unexpected realization behind Kurosawas generally cool and composed demeanor. Their relationship is in the balance as Adachi figures out how to navigate through life hearing the voices of peoples hearts.
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