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Other name(s): Not Added
Category: Drama 2019
Genre(s): Action
Release: 2019
Runtime: 45Min's
Main Language: Not Added Subtitle Language: English
Episode(s): 34
Country: CN
Cast: Li Xian,Li Yitong,Liu Yi Jun,Yao Di,Zhao Yuan Yuan,Liu Hai Lan,Yao Qing Ren,Peter Ho,Zong Feng Yan,Zhang Wei-na,Li Guangfu,Sun Shao Long,Wang Zhuocheng
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Summary / Flat / Story

A story revolving around a young man with a seemingly ordinary background who dreams everyday of overthrowing the ruling regine and assassinating the King who stands at the epitome of power.It was a period of chaos and instability as wars range the land. Through the alliance held once every seven years the Wu State returns to a position of power which leaves the three states Ye Qing and Su at a dangerous disadvantage. Ding Ning is a young man afflicted with a chronic illness yet he moves into action to shake the invincible Wu State and shocks the world of jianghu with his extraordinary feats to achieve immortal cultivation.
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